Hi there!

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 
10 April – 20 April on www.horze.co.za


FIRST PRIZE • The beautifully crafted Horze Winslow Tall Boots – worth R3480 •    SECOND PRIZE  •  The B//Vertigo Jenny Tights – worth R1690   •   THIRD PRIZE   The Zoë Jacket – worth R1120


Locate as many of the above golden eggs on on our website as you possibly can!  When you find one, Click on the egg and fill in your details


How to enter the competition?

1. You need to fill in your details after each egg you find.

2. The amount of times you enter your details on an egg is your amount of entries into the final draw.

3. There is no limit to the amount of entries you can have.

4. There is no limit to the amount of eggs you can add your details to.

5. The eggs are hidden on the pages of the website. You need to browse through the website in order to locate them. There is no order or rule to the appearance of an egg but the more you browse through different pages the more eggs you will find. 

1. Winners will be announced on Monday 20 April
2. Prizes will be scheduled at the winner’s convenience and in line with any regulations published by SA Government & National Health Dept. in connection with the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.
3. Winners will be selected by way of a lucky draw.
4. Prizes can not be exchanged for cash.
5. Submission of entries qualifies as acceptance of these rules.
6. No employees, managers of Horze or immediate family or wholesalers are allowed to participate in the competition.